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Alex Chow's Expedition

Alex chow details his artist's journey in this intimate exploration of his work, life, and influences. As the main contributor to the Colorpedia series, and a lifelong digital painter, Alex is a storehouse of art knowledge and he shares many of his insights and techniques throughout this title. 

A dark mind-bender about the cosmic horrors which lurk just below our waking reality. Carcosa is an ongoing comic book series based on the works of H.P. Lovecraft and his occult peers.



The book that started it all. Colorpedia vol 1 is the inaugural book in the popular digital painting and comic book coloring series. This dense text book disguised as a gorgeous coffee table art book is cram packed full of tool techniques and advice from top tier artists from around the world. 

Volume 1 offers a broad spectrum of lessons with a tool kit style approach on everything from color theory, to rendering and software tips and tricks and is suitable for all levels of artists from the beginner to the seasoned pro. 

Colorpedia Vol. 1


Colorpedia Vol. 2

The educational digital painting series continues with a more in-depth look into the techniques and tools introduced in vol 1 plus an expansion of several key subjects including rendering methods, painting with light and shadow and portrait painting. 

Additionally, comic book coloring and the beloved tutorial library of quick 1-2 page tutorials returns. More artists, bigger names and lessons and as much info we could cram into this large format text book disguised as a gorgeous coffee table art book. 

Screen Shot 2022-09-01 at 1.14.23 PM.png



Indra, the keep of the river and guardian of the divine process of cicumambulation, is confronted with an impossible choice when the ahli, the darkest soul in the universe returns to the river of light for reincarnation. She must decide to do her duty and allow it to reincarnate into a new body—which will surely spread more death and misery—or betray her station and intervene.

A brilliant psychologist walking the thin line between brilliance and madness, creates a technology that could change the course of humankind forever. But a tragic death in the family threatens to destroy his sanity and all he holds dear. 

Maelstrom is an ongoing fantasy/thriller mash-up comic series that takes place in the minds of its characters as much as it does in "the real world."


Pixels Forever

The ultimate Pixel Art creation guide, that happens to also be the perfect coffee table book. Pixels Forever is a fun and beautiful exploration of the beloved and enduring artform that is Pixel art.  

Lessons covering everything from the basics to advance techniques and animations is covered here. 

Scattered throughout the 200+ pages are QR codes which bring the lessons to life via animations and gifs. 



Red Right Hand Publishing has a number of projects in various stages of development.

Forbidden Sigil — a one vs. many hybrid dungeon crawler/skirmish tabletop game. 


Worlds Of Fire —  a 3 part dystopian graphic novel mini-series, intended for mature readers. 

Digi Art Forever — an online subscription service to create a space for artists to collaborate and follow new tutorials to improve their art arsenal, including life drawing, pixel art tutorials, and digital art brush materials available to download.

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