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Insignia (RAW)
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Loving Light

Red Right Hand Publishing is a proud indie publisher of comic books, art textbooks, and board games based in Toronto, Canada. Red Right Hand Publishing is recognized as one of the most prolific and successful companies in the world today, which utilizes the Kickstarter platform for all it's new releases.   

Founded in 2019 by Oldrich Stibor, Red Right Hand Publishing's reputation is built on a commitment to spotlighting a wide range of artists from emerging talents to Eisner-winning and internationally recognized artists from all over the world.  

Currently, the core of Red Right Hand's model is creating vibrant large format titles designed to double as both gorgeous art books and educational textbooks. As a small and agile organization, they enjoy the freedom to only pursue projects they are passionate about. All of their books have been bundled together as transmedia projects, which include educational videos and digital art assets. All projects were initially launched on Kickstarter, where Red Right Hand remains one of the most successful publishers in the world to utilize that platform.

Red Right Hand Publishing is committed to each of its crowdfunding campaigns creating a collaborative and supportive community also that continues long after the conclusion of each project. Their upcoming art-focused social media and asset subscription service DIGIARTFOREVER.COM, will act as the central hub through which those communities will continue to be serviced and nurtured. 

The small Red Right Hand Publishing team is comprised of emerging industry professionals who are excited to be branching into other creative endeavors to add to their publishing roster, including a one vs. many hybrid dungeon crawler/skirmish tabletop board game Forbidden Sigil and the graphic novel mini-series Worlds of Fire.


The books are distributed worldwide by Fulfillrite, and licensed internationally.

Sin Anderson

“I am so excited to have my book that I can finally hold and love and obsess over. The pictures really don't do it justice."

Just Some Of The Companies Our Artists Have Worked With:

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Kat Can

“If I wasn't in the middle of my studies for the year, I'd dive into it right now! Absolutely love the quality!”
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