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Renderwave's Colorpedia Vol 1 & 2

An educational digital painting series that breaks down the creative process and the artistic elements to incorporate to make extraordinary pieces, including the subjects of color theory, lighting, shadows, rendering techniques, etc.

Each featured internationally talented artist has a dedicated section for teaching their step-by-step art process for their most notable works.


Each book also comes with a downloadable digital archive—filled with resources to aid artists as they complete tutorials featured in the book.


See the Kickstarter campaign pages for more information: Vol 1 & Vol 2.

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Pixels Forever

The ultimate educational Pixel Art creation guide that happens to also be the perfect coffee table book due. The covering subjects include basic file formatting, line art, dithering, glow effects, animating characters, etc.

Each featured artist has a dedicated section for teaching their step-by-step art process, as well as an opportunity to share their own thoughts on the thriving online pixel community. 


The book also offers a downloadable digital archive, filled with resources and GIFS to aid readers as they create their own pixel masterpieces.


See the Kickstarter campaign page for more information: Pixels Forever

Alex Chow's Expedition


Alex Chow lays out his artist journey and inspirations in a beautiful coffee table book dedicated to his most famous works. Readers of Renderwave's Colorpedia series will recognize his art style immediately.

A fantastic resource for beginner and veteran artists who are looking for moody pop culture-inspired art and the expertise needed to complete each individual piece.

See Renderwave's Colorpedia Vol 2 campaign for more information: Expedition

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A comic created to be a color guide for the coloring template supplied with Renderwave's Colorpedia Vol 1.

A fantastic resource for artists looking for a coloring example, and for the casual reader who is ready to fall into their next comic.

See Renderwave's Colorpedia Vol 1 campaign for more information: Light



Forbidden Sigil — a one vs. many hybrid dungeon crawler/skirmish tabletop board game for 2-6 players.

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Worlds of Fire — a comic mini-series from Val Jr., that follows a gifted child with a means to save the world in the last days of the last men. But first, she must decide if an evil world is better than none at all. 

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Robot /Imagine — an exploratory art book that covers the world of A.I. generated art and the tools for anyone to become a magnificent artist. The topic of "what this new opportunity means for the art community" is covered through a series of essays and interviews with industry professionals. 

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